Episode: Knocking on Doors

In this episode Martine Stillman, Vice President of Engineering at Synapse Product Development, shares her two decades of experience in mechanical engineering and product development. Martine takes us on a journey from her humble beginnings in a small town to becoming a leader in innovative engineering solutions. Throughout the conversation, Martine shares insights into her diverse career, spanning from aerospace engineering to working on wearable health devices and large-scale installations for entertainment venues. She discusses her recent focus on sustainable design practices and carbon capture technologies, highlighting the importance of addressing environmental challenges in today’s engineering landscape. Martine reflects on the pivotal moments in her career, including her unconventional path to landing a job at Synapse through polite persistence and self-belief. She offers valuable advice on dealing with failure gracefully and shares a framework for navigating challenging professional situations with honesty and integrity. From her experiences, Martine emphasizes the significance of persistence, adaptability, and taking accountability, urging aspiring engineers and recent graduates to pursue opportunities beyond conventional job postings.

Episode: Innovating the World

In this episode, Stephen  Szymeczek, director of the Innovate-A-thon program for education to success shares his career journey. Steven obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University. Stephen shares his journey from mechanical engineer to educator. Discover how 3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing and construction industries, as Stephen delves into its applications and potential. Stephen discusses the Innovate-A-thon program, a collaborative initiative between academia and industry aimed at nurturing talent and solving real-world problems. From additive manufacturing to workforce development, Stephen provides insights into the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving field.

Episode: The Art of Changing Hats in Construction

In this episode Drew Jenkins, a project engineer at Sundt Construction, shares his journey into the construction management industry. Drew delves into the multifaceted nature of construction management, highlighting the diverse roles and responsibilities that professionals in this field undertake. From managing field crews to financial analysis, negotiation, and public speaking, Drew emphasizes the breadth of skills required to thrive in the industry. He sheds light on the misconception that construction work is solely about physical labor, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Drawing from his own experiences, Drew offers valuable advice to recent graduates and aspiring professionals. He underscores the significance of maintaining relationships from college and keeping one’s options open, urging individuals not to feel constrained by their academic backgrounds. Additionally, Drew emphasizes the importance of finding a mentor who is invested in fostering professional growth and development.