Episode: Engineering Well-being

Engineering Fields of Dreams
Engineering Fields of Dreams
Episode: Engineering Well-being

In this episode Tara McFarland, a seasoned geotechnical engineer and leadership coach, shares important advice on managing your mental health and career. Hear her journey from early academic life to a successful 25-year-long career in industry. Much of Tara’s work has been dedicated to dam safety, working for the Bureau of Reclamation and managing complex, multidisciplinary teams and projects. She founded Create Conversation to coach clients in uncovering the gifts they may have buried long ago.

However, her journey hasn’t been without its hurdles. Tara opens up about her struggles with depression during college, an experience that motivated her to address the mental health issues often found in high-stress professions like engineering. She highlights the importance of recognizing personal needs, seeking support, and maintaining mental well-being.

Furthermore, Tara discusses her pivot from a technical role into a program management position, a transition that led to burnout. This promoted her to become a leadership coach, holding a sacred space for her clients to examine their old stories and create new ones. Bridging the worlds of analytical thinking and intuitive flow, her clients learn to embrace all of themselves, unlock their gifts, and lead with audacity.

Through her story, Tara imparts invaluable advice for those starting their career, encouraging them to understand their strengths, work on what they love, and most importantly, to prioritize their mental health.

A must-listen episode for anyone in engineering, or indeed any demanding profession, this discussion tackles essential issues around career development, mental health, and personal fulfillment in the workplace.


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